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Spring 2021 - back to the studio for album No. 2! 


Well, the virus stole my show but I keep busy working on new material for my upcoming second album! I am very excited and can't wait to return to the studio to cut a new record with great songs. This time I'll even record two of my own songs!


Look out for the release in April and make sure you get  your copy!


Boog-a-ly yours,



The first Newspaper articles/radio appearances! 

08/2020 & 02/2021

During the summer of 2020 I was interviewed by our local newspaper, the Dordogne Libre. Later that summer, I was interviewed twice by a journalist from the national newspaper, SudOuest. I was very excited to be able to tell my story and see the articles appear! That was an amazing experience!


A couple of days later I was approched by the local radio station, Liberté FM, who wanted to play some of the songs from my latest album on the radio!

In December 2020 I was interviewed by France Bleu Perigord and played a Christmas song for their Christmas special.


In Spring 2021 I had the opportunity to be interviewed by different Austrian newspapers who wrote great articles about me - I even made the front page twice!

It was such a great chance to tell my story to the folks back home. A hugeTHANK YOU to the journalists of Tiroler Tageszeitung, Oberländer Rundschau und Bezirksblätter Imst for their great articles!

Find pictures and more on my Facebook page!


Boog-a-ly yours,



The day the "Killer", Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis, said hello! 


Back when I was 17 years old, I started to play the piano and my first real influence was Jerry Lee Lewis! I loved the music he created! It was a thrill for me to be able to send a copy of my first CD 'My Plan B(oogie)!' to the man who was and still is my musical hero. Can you imagine how excited I was when I received a response?


That response appeared on my Facebook page from his wife Judith. She said that they  had both listened to my CD and that Jerry Lee loved it. As a thank you he sent me a picture of him holding my album, giving me his best Killer face. "Rock'n'Roll's first great wild man and one of the most influencial pianists of the 20th century", the "Last Man Standing", friend of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard and many more, the "Killer" himself, loved my album and went to the trouble of letting me know...

A very memorable and fantastic experience!

Thanks "Killer"!

Boog-a-ly yours,



Following up ideas:

A Classic Boogie-Woogie House Rent Party! 


Back in the olden days, people threw a House Rent Party where they invited Boogie Woogie musicians to play for their neighbours. "The mother of all living-room-gigs!"


At those House Rent Parties the host sold (illegal) booze and home cooked food such as Jambalaya, Louisiana Gumbo, Fried Chicken and so on. The musicians had a platform to perform their songs, meet new people and form bands that later became famous. They also had legendary jam sessions and piano battles... good old days, right?


Well, call me old fashioned but I'm planning to re-establish this fantastic tradition.

You can book my traveling 88's for your very own House Rent Party (just keep it legal and don't sell grandpa's moonshine, please...). These gigs are for private events such as BBQ's, family get-togethers, brunches and birthday parties only! (weddings excluded!) Very reasonable rates!


For more details, bookings etc. contact me here and let's get ready for your House Rent Party!


Boog-a-ly yours,



Starting a new Trio: "The Lukas Koeninger three!"

"Sitting in with other musicians is always fun!"


After having so much fun recording my first studio album; "My Plan B(oogie)!",

I decided to give it a go and to form: "The Lukas et le piano voyageur trio".

The trio consist of myself on piano and vocals, Graeme Jones on bass and backing vocals and René Park on drums and percussions!


Let me introduce my fellow musicians a bit closer:  

Graeme Jones is a great musician who has many years of experience in the music business. As a front man of different bands in England, Scottland and France, he has written dozens of songs and produced many albums and recordings over the years, "My Plan B(oogie)" included!

René Park is a great drumer and has regular bookings for international concerts and gigs in Jazz Clubs in Germany. Running his own small recording studio in Germany for over 10 years, he has played with (and produced) many great musicians - always adding his own and precise beat to the tracks!


Boog-a-ly yours,



Straight from the studio:

"My Plan B(oogie)!"


"Recording an album has been a long held ambition of mine and finally I can make that dream come true!

As a street performer I have discovered what catches people’s attention amidst the hustle and bustle of a crowded market. Otherwise people will simply overlook you. Trying new things is necessary and sometimes risky but this album contains some of the most popular Boogie and Blues songs in my repertoire!


It is not a classical instrumental Boogie album but more of a mixed style of Boogie, Rock'n'Roll and Country Blues with tributes to some of my early influences. Of course there will be my Boogie piano and my singing but I've also invited some friends to grab their instruments and to join in. I'd say it is best discribed as Boogie-Woogie with a touch of Rock'n'Roll.


It will be released in January 2020, click here to secure your copy of it!"


Boog-a-ly yours,



How it ALL began...:

Diaries of a Traveling Piano Man: 


People often ask me how my career as a Boogie-Woogie street musician started. Well, the original idea for my traveling piano came to me in April 2015 when I was playing a Boogie brunch back home in Austria and was asked to travel to the venue with my own piano.


Since 2017 I have been touring as -Lukas et le piano voyageur- with my self-built, full-size traveling piano. The project is called 'StreetBoogieWoogie' and it has expanded year on year. Since 2019 I am registered as a self-employed musician and I make my living with my music. 

Currently I am writing my first book of memoires, funny encounters and moments experienced along the way. I hope to publish it in early 2022. Stay tuned to get your copy!


Boog-a-ly yours,



'The Traveling Piano Man' - Boogie & Blues Piano

- Lukas Koeninger -


         if the music is good, you'll dance..."

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