Click yourself through the latest pictures of Lukas and his traveling piano playing gigs, markets, festivals and private events...

Journal SudOuest
Le Chabrot Gig
Périgueux Info advert.
1st ever radio stream, 06/08/2020
Piano voyageur 2020
Boogie House Rent Party
Jerry Lee Lewis, My Plan B
Traveling Piano Version 3.0
Boogie Woogie House Rent
Gig Little Cocootte 2020
Journal SudOuest
Market 2020
Gig Little Cocootte 2020
Advertising 2020
Gig Little Cocootte 2020
Gig 2020
Advertising 2020
Boogie Woogie House Rent
Journal Dordogne Libre
2020, on the road again after lock-down
COVID-2019, Live on Facebook
Market 2020
Boogie Summer Tour 2020
Cafe de la place Perigueux 2020
Switzerland 2019
New Advertising 2020
Lukas et le piano voyageur Trio 2020
Album Release Party Flyer 2020
Bergerac Gig 2019
Festival Laroquebrou 2019
Périgueux Gig 2019
South France Market 2019
Decorating the Piano
Bergerac Gig 2019
Vintage Days PGX 2019
Traveling Piano Caricature
School of Arts, Germany 2019
Photoshoot 2018/19
Félibrée 100 years PGX 2019
Fete de la musique 2018
South France 2018
First payed gig, Chateau 2017
Riberac Market August 2017
2nd Protoype, July 2017
The Traveling Piano Man, Boogie & Blues Piano.

-Lukas Koeninger-


if the music is good, you'll dance..."