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The first newspaper articles!

"Wow! What a great, great moment when..."

The day the "Killer", Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis, said hello!

"When I started playing the Piano, my first influence was Jerry Lee Lewis so for me it was clear that..."

Boogie-Woogie House Rent Parties!

"Back in the olden days, one threw a house rent party to

spread the word of new Boogie Woogie musicians in the area..."

Starting my own Boogie Trio:

"The Lukas Koeninger Three!"

My Plan B(oogie)! - straight from the Studio:

"Recording an album has been a long held ambition..."

How it ALL began… Diaries of a Traveling Piano Man:

"Often People ask me how, why and when I started..."

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The Traveling Piano Man, Boogie & Blues Piano.

-Lukas Koeninger-


if the music is good, you'll dance..."