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2021 - heading back into the studio for album No. 2!

"Well, COVID stole my show but I'm keeping busy working on new material..."

The first newspaper articles, radio interviews and

TV appearances!

"Wow! What a great, great moment when..."

The day the "Killer", Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis, said hello!

"When I started playing the piano, my first influence was Jerry Lee Lewis so for me it was clear that..."

My Plan B(oogie)! - straight from the studio:

"Recording an album has been a long held ambition..."

How it ALL began! - 'Diaries of a Traveling Piano Man.'

"Often people ask me how, why and when I started..."

'The Traveling Piano Man' - Boogie & Blues Piano
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- Lukas Koeninger -


         if the music is good, you'll dance..."

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